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jQuery Slider

Layouts for Any Purpose

jQuery Slider comes with 90 designs and over 70 effects. Regardless of type of web page you have - business, personal, store, portfolio page - you will find your slideshow.

Add images and videos effortlessly

Pull image elements and upload video clips straight to your slideshow quickly and effortlessly. You are able to add text, alter borders, add shadows, crop, and inject lots of interesting picture animations.

Facebook slider

Quickly transfer to Facebook and create a social hype for your photos.

Quick and light-weight

Many picture sliders work with one particular bloated script for all their support. Because jQuery Slider just builds the necessary engine script determined by your preferred settings, the producing final code is small simply uses the essential functionalities. For instance, if you apply the standard options to develop the slider, it is just 6Kb.

Impressive Transitions

Make a choice from different transitions to build an amazing consumer experience when moving from one slide to another. Take the web site to life with jQuery Slider.

Design Superb Carousel

The jQuery Slider application covers everything from the standard elements of jQuery Slider modern drag and drop system to more complex options like Wordpress or Joompla export. Get carousel ideas and options which will help you use jQuery Slider full pattern and animation library.

There is nothing Off Limits For Your Slider

Entire management over style and structure permit you to build exceptional slideshows. Full effect, skin, and controls modification offers the key navigation and interaction elements. Sophisticated options help you modify extra detailed settings to match your precise needs. If you can think it up, jQuery Slider can make it happen. For more info please see

Perfect Design

Build your photos look amazing. Quickly update your text and pick from numerous free fonts, colors and effects.

Published to Facebook

It becomes more and more popular to share your website content on Facebook. jQuery Slider lets you share your content by a simple click of a button located on the toolbar. One click and the slide show is there, changing the picture slideshow into an event for the whole world.

All You Need For A Fabulous Carousel

Design and get the image or video slider up and running quickly. Effective publishing and content options give you entire control over your slideshow. Use jQuery Slider high-quality template collection to dazzle people with professional multimedia showcases. jQuery Slider give everything you need to add a perfect slideshow to your site.

Numerous Designer-Made Layouts

Pick from our big selection of breathtaking, entirely customizable skins, with all the most popular web design trends and features to make your slideshow look incredible.

Massive Information Base

Find answers to all your questions in massive query base. With 5,000 issues uploaded, we will take care of you.

Mac and Windows

You are able to work cross-platform, on Mac machines and PC devices. jQuery Slider can be set up to quickly run on both system, utilizing the same functions, project files, and interface.

Help You Begin Your 1st Carousel

Build a high-quality slideshow which attains your aims. jQuery Slider provides online support, videos, email assist and a number of resources to assist you every step of the process. If you are creating a slide show for the first time, the detailed training guides will walk you through all you need to know to make your slider working.

Flexibility and Customization

Personalize a slideshow by dragging and dropping different images and videos into any setup. Totally customize navigation controls and shift kinds to make the exact slider you demand. Control the options for every slide and put different components to build a custom-made photo showcase experience.

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